The key to making gains in your core is knowing which exercises to do and when



You’ve done your research. You've learned about diastasis and you’ve started working on things to help it. You’ve watched tons of videos entitled “Exercises that will Heal Your Diastasis” but now you find yourself swimming in a sea of exercises, with no real idea of which ones to do, which ones will work, and which ones are right for you. You’ve spent a lot of time perfecting your breath, perfecting your posture, and perfecting your pelvic floor engagement, but you haven’t seen as much progress as you would like. You have a suspicion that you’re not using the right techniques so you continue your search online. 

You try some new exercises, but over time, they begin to feel easy and despite doing them regularly, you feel like you’ve reached a plateau. You can’t figure out why your core hasn’t made a lot of progress...and now you feel like you’re back at square one. It’s almost like there is a missing piece but you haven’t figured it out yet.

All you want is for someone to explain why your efforts haven’t led to much progress, and to clearly lay out what to do!



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THE InCORE METHOD® is a 3-Phase postpartum core strengthening program specifically for moms with Diastasis Rectus Abdominis and core weakness. It is backed by a scientific understanding of rehabilitation and exercise physiology to work on all aspects of the core in order to trigger the body’s natural strengthening mechanisms.

THE InCORE METHOD® is not a “6-week exercise challenge” nor is it a “Get your pre-baby body back in 8 weeks” kind of program. It is also not a "quick fix" or a miracle cure. The philosophy behind THE InCORE METHOD® is to educate and empower. With the emphasis on educating, you will not only have a clear, step-by-step core strengthening blueprint, but you will also understand what you are doing and why.

This powerful combination of education + exercises empowers you with the knowledge, tools, skills and resources to strengthen your core while also increasing your confidence to try new exercises, including the ones you may be avoiding. THE InCORE METHOD® informs you on how to exercise with diastasis and for diastasis so you can feel freedom in getting back to doing the things you love.

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THE InCORE METHOD® is for you if: 

  • You’re ready to start rebuilding strength in your core but you’re overwhelmed by all the information out there and don’t know where to start

  • You’ve tried exercises for your core but aren’t sure if you’re doing them right 

  • You’ve tried doing it on your own by following exercises from YouTube, social media and Google but you’re wondering why your core isn't responding to them

  • You’ve done all the “right” things. You’ve seen a physio and did their exercises but your core still feels weak and deconditioned

  • You've been exercising and have gained strength elsewhere in your body but can’t seem to figure out why your core isn’t making progress

  • You’re motivated to work out but you’re frustrated by all the diastasis restrictions and you just want to work out like you used to

  • You want to strengthen your abs but you’re concerned about starting a routine that would make things worse or prevent progress 

  • You’re confused by the conflicting messages around diastasis and don’t know which exercises to do to create change

Get a full refund if the program isn't what you need

This program is for people with diastasis who want clear guidance on how to strengthen their cores from the expertise of a leader in diastasis rehab. However, if you sign up, look through the program and decide it's not for you, simply email [email protected] within 48 hours for a full refund. No questions asked. 


Convenient access from anywhere allowing you to stay consistent and keep the momentum going.


Information is current, evidence-supported, and provided by a trusted leader in the field.


Join once and own it for life. This means you won't have to buy again if you have another baby. 

Mama, it IS possible to have a strong core again, even if you've already tried! Let THE InCORE METHOD® lead the way!

What's Inside...

THE InCORE METHOD®  is divided into 3 phases + an educational segment where each phase helps move you forwards towards your goal of a stronger core. 

8 InCORE Foundations Lessons

This is probably the most important part of the program where you'll be able to dive deep into foundational concepts to better understand what you can do for your core. 

  • Gain clarity on topics such as intra-abdominal pressure, tension and doming and learn how these things can be used to your advantage when you're strengthening your core! 
  • Learn at least 8 other factors outside of exercise, that could be contributing to the status of your core and what you can do to help them
  • Learn how to assess for improvement by using 7 other measures beyond the width of your linea alba
  • Learn when and if surgery might be needed

Phase 1: Connect

Connect with your inner core and learn how to build an everlasting foundation that supports your body for the tremendous job of being a mom.

  • Save time by learning THE InCORE METHOD®’s techniques for assessing your own core muscles so you can focus on working only on the things that are relevant for you
  • Follow 12 detailed tutorials and educational lessons for connecting with your pelvic floor, transverse abdominis and diaphragm to avoid frustration and confusion on what to do with these muscles
  • Learn how to engage the whole transverse abdominis, as opposed to only the lower abs, for greater effectiveness in building strength in this important deep core muscle

Phase 2: Coordinate

Coordinate the deep muscles of your core to create a harmonized system that supports the vital core function of managing intra-abdominal pressure.

  • Learn THE InCORE METHOD®’s techniques for coordinating the deep core muscles in a manner that reinforces their natural synergy
  • Learn how to engage your inner core in a manner that lets you feel more in control of your core inside of exercises that are challenging
  • Watch 2 detailed tutorials on creating core synergy that set the stage for the strengthening exercises that follow


Phase 3: Strengthen

Strengthen the very muscles affected by pregnancy through a system of progressive exercises designed for muscle improvement across your core.

  • Learn THE InCORE METHOD®’s techniques for strengthening all muscles of the core, allowing them to flourish in the strengthening process
  • Learn specific research-based strategies designed to stimulate changes in connective tissue and the abdominal muscles
  • Follow 9 exercise tutorials and educational lessons to learn how to strengthen both the inner and outer core muscles at the same time for maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • Be guided through 8 individual core workouts to gradually increase strength without the overwhelm 
  • Learn how to adjust exercises if you have prolapse, hernia, or an overactive pelvic floor


When you enroll in THE InCORE METHOD® you'll also gain access to these special bonuses:


  • Easily follow along with the lessons with over 20 detailed PDF guides that summarize important concepts in each lesson
  • Easily refer back to the guides for quick reminders and refreshers without having to watch the entire lesson again 
  • $197 value


  • Reap the benefits of staying consistent by putting these handouts in places you'll see them so that you don't forget to do the exercises 
  • Use these handouts when you don't have access to a computer or when you want to do the exercises quietly without the use of a computer
  • $97 value 


  • Stay organized and clear as you make your way through the program by utilizing this 18-page guide that lists out the tasks and to-do items for each lesson
  • Track your progress by checking off each lesson and activity as you complete them 
  • $67 value


  • After completing the program, keep your momentum going by following the exercise progressions and ideas laid out in this valuable resource guide
  • By continuing with the strengthening process using this 18-page guide, you'll appreciate how strong you've become!
  • $47 value

THE InCORE METHOD® gives you the tools and the permission to strengthen your core and move freely again without obsessively worrying about the gap

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What happens after I enroll?

1. As soon as you enter in your payment details, click "Complete My Purchase". You will be prompted to create an account that gives you access to the program
2. After creating your account, a Thank You Page will appear. Click on "TAKE ME THERE"
3. Then, you will be taken inside the portal. Select the program and begin!

Increase Core Strength, Core Fitness and Core Capacity


  • Having the tools and knowledge to confidently strengthen your core
  • Having the confidence in yourself and in your core to try new things
  • Not being afraid to move and not being afraid to exercise
  • Working out freely without obsessing over the gap
  • Having a full program that clearly lays out a step-by-step plan so you don’t have to waste any more time trying to figure it out on your own
  • Having a credible and incredible resource that not only teaches you how to exercise with diastasis and for diastasis, but also teaches you how to overcome the common roadblocks so you can finally make progress
  • Being able to do this all in the comfort of your own home

What Makes THE InCORE METHOD® Different?

Detailed Explanations

Some postpartum programs cue you to engage your core muscles without showing you HOW, leaving you frustrated and unsure of the process. THE InCORE METHOD® not only teaches you how to engage your deep core muscles in detail, but outlines tips and tricks if you’re having difficulty. This way, you can be confident in what you're doing.

Exercises Aren't Done Lying Down

Some programs immediately start with exercises on your back. For many people who are struggling with post-partum core weakness, back-lying exercises simply aren’t effective. 99% of the strengthening exercises in The InCORE METHOD® are done in more upright positions, making them especially effective in stimulating the muscles and tissues stretched out from pregnancy.


Pregnancy affects your whole core. After learning how to strengthen your deep core muscles, THE InCORE METHOD® progresses you on to challenging exercises that target both the inner and outer core muscle groups so you can build up strength, resiliency and capacity in the whole abdomen, not just part of it.

Strength Building

Some programs emphasize building connection to the core and then stop there. Building connection is just the starting point of the core rebuilding process since connecting to your core won't strengthen your core. THE InCORE METHOD® completes the process by going over how to strengthen the core.

Educating and Informative 

The education piece in this program is paramount in helping you understand what to do and why. This is also where you will learn why other attempts may not have worked. Although strengthening is important, it is one part of the process. Instead of skipping right to the exercises, this program will educate you on other important pieces to the puzzle so you can be more informed about the whole picture. 

No Fixed Timelines

The problem with fixing everyone into the same weekly progressions is that some people simply aren’t ready to move on and need more time. One the flip side, some people are ready to move on, yet are held back until the program picks up. This is an inefficient use of your time. THE InCORE METHOD® doesn’t hold you to a pre-determined timeline, rather, it guides you through phases in a sequential manner.

The only online program endorsed by medical professionals AND created by an industry leader in Diastasis Recti

About Munira


After years of working with postpartum women and educating professionals about diastasis, Munira realized that there were many things she was seeing in her clinical practice that simply weren't explained by the common approach to managing diastasis. In some cases, what she was seeing was contradictory to what she had been taught.  She noticed that many patients with a larger diastasis were capable of doing harder exercises than those with small gaps. She noticed that many patients who had larger abdomens weren’t necessarily the ones who had a larger diastasis. She noticed that it wasn’t necessary for the gap to close before people could start participating in harder exercises, and she noticed that it was only after participating in progressively challenging exercises that many people began to see and feel changes in their cores.

It then dawned on her that, despite common belief, people aren’t limited by their diastasis, and that the exercise restrictions she was placing on them were only keeping them stuck. It was clear that, not only did she need to completely overhaul her approach to diastasis, but so did the rest of the world.  She then set out on a mission to create a global movement aimed at eliminating the fear associated with having diastasis. As part of that mission, she created an official course for professionals that has now been taken by hundreds of postpartum professionals around the world, and she is now dedicating her time towards helping as many postpartum women as she can through her fear-free online programs and resources.

Why I Had to Create This Program

"Every day moms reach out to me feeling like there is something horribly wrong with them since their bodies didn’t “bounce back” after pregnancy. They're trying to understand why their cores aren’t responding to what they’ve been doing. When I ask them what they are doing for their cores, they usually provide me with a list of things they are NOT doing. They are not doing traditional core exercises like crunches, planks, and double leg lifts. They are not lifting weights because they heard it could make things worse, so they’ve even stopped lifting their kids. They are not working out anymore, instead, they are going for walks. They are afraid to move in the “wrong” way, stand in the “wrong” way, breathe in the “wrong” way.

With so much attention being placed on protecting linea alba, we’ve made people afraid to do the very things they need to do to make themselves, their cores, and their linea albas stronger.

Not only is this fear paralyzing and prevents progress, but it also trickles down into how they feel about themselves, which ultimately affects how they show up as mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends.

I believe the antidote to fear is education.

And that is why I had to create this program. I wanted moms who are suffering from a lack of confidence in themselves and their cores to have all the information they need to form a clear picture of what may be contributing to their core status, and I wanted them to know what they could do about it. I also wanted a program that didn’t perpetuate the belief that women need to “bounce back” after having a baby, because, after working with so many people, it is clear that “bouncing back” is not everyone's reality. Instead of alienating those who didn’t quickly return to their pre-pregnancy body, I wanted to create something for them. I wanted to create a program that was both educational and exercise-focused. I wanted to educate people on HOW to exercise with diastasis and for diastasis, because I wanted them to have all the tools and knowledge that they could, to use inside of the program AND outside of the program, in real world, when they return to doing the things they love.

My mission is to simple: I want to eliminate the fear attached to having diastasis rectus abdominis. This program is part of my mission and is part of a larger global movement of completely overhauling our understanding of this condition."


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What happens after I enroll?

1. As soon as you enter in your payment details, click "Complete My Purchase". You will be prompted to create an account that gives you access to the program
2. After creating your account, a Thank You Page will appear. Click on "TAKE ME THERE"
3. Then, you will be taken inside the portal. Select the program and begin!

Diastasis MYTHS addressed by THE InCORE METHOD®


MYTH: Having diastasis means you’ll be stuck doing boring exercises

MYTH: You have to wait until your gap has closed before you can workout like you used to 

MYTH: Crunch exercises will tear open the linea alba

MYTH: Having diastasis means your core is broken

MYTH: Twisting will make your diastasis worse and must be avoided

We used to think that when you have Diastasis Rectus Abdominis, it means that your core is broken and needs to be protected. We use to think that having Diastasis means that you’re destined to doing exercises that are boring, time consuming, and beginner-level. We used to think that your Diastasis needs to be completely healed before you lift heavy weights, do fitness classes, or even break a sweat. We used to think that when you have Diastasis Rectus Abdominis, you have to be extremely cautious with how you move and the kinds of exercises you do.

None of this is true.

You can't rebuild strength in your whole core if you’re only working on part of it.

Breathing, Posture and Bridging Exercises Are Not Enough

THE InCORE METHOD® empowers you to build core strength with confidence so that you're no longer afraid to exercise

Let's Sum It Up


Here's everything you get inside of THE InCORE METHOD® online program for moms with Diastasis Rectus Abdominis:

  • 8 InCORE Foundations Lessons
  • 12 Lessons and Tutorials for building connection to your diaphragm, pelvic floor and transverse abdominis
  • 2 Lessons and Tutorials to help you learn how to create coordination and synergy between the core muscles
  • 9 Lessons and Tutorials on how to strengthen the postpartum core when you have diastasis
  • 8 InCORE workouts that gradually add load and challenge to your core
  • Lessons on how to modify your workouts if you have prolapse, hernia or an overactive pelvic floor
  • PDF Resource Guides for InCORE lessons and tutorials
  • Downloadable and printable exercise handouts to follow along
  • InCORE Workbook to help you stay organized throughout the program
  • "Beyond THE InCORE METHOD®" Resource Guide


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