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We’re Entering a New Era in Diastasis Rectus Abdominis Management


You’ve seen it everywhere: moms with diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA) are scared to move. They want to build up their cores but don’t know how. Many of them are frustrated that they still look pregnant but even more frustrated by the lists of exercises they've been told will make them worse. They're worried that if they breathe in the wrong way, stand in the wrong way, move in the wrong way, they'll do more do more harm than good. Paralyzed by fear, they stop exercising altogether, and begin to feel hopeless about their situation.

It’s time for that to change. 

Get the tools and knowledge you need to confidently empower your postpartum clients with DRA so they can begin to feel strong, capable, and a little more like themselves. 

Introducing a Breakthrough DRA Course for Rehab and Fitness Professionals


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  • This course will give you empowering new ideas that will help you lead the moms in your community, whether in-person or virtual, to becoming stronger versions of themselves
  • This course will give you the know-how to confidently guide your moms through the core rebuilding process so they can finally tap into their body’s own potential for change


  • This course will help you make sense of all the conflicting information out there, so you can become a trusted leader on DRA, whether you’re new to the field or have been working with postnatal women for decades


Online Learning

  • Self-paced study: Conveniently learn in chunks of time that fit into your busy schedule

  • At-home study: No need to travel to learn, no need to take time off work, no need to wake up early or stay up late because of different time zones

  • Immediate access: No need to wait months or years for the next time the course is offered

Lifetime Access

  • Come back to watch any time

  • Gain access to any and all new modules, handouts and resources as they are updated in real time

  • No pressure to finish within a given time period

Up-to-Date and Grounded in Evidence

  • Feel more secure in your knowledge and teach others in the process

  • Save hours in reading research - Important concepts are introduced in a condensed and simplified manner

  • Increase confidence in your techniques as you learn how to apply the research immediately


Here's what you'll get...


The Diastasis Rectus Abdominis and the Postpartum Core Course is broken down into 8 training modules (total of 20.6 contact hours). Each module is broken down into absorbable chunks to make it easier to digest and retain important concepts. All course materials including videos, cheat sheets, exercise handouts, assessment forms can be found in the online student portal.  

Module 1: Redefining the Core

Having a refined understanding of the core gives you an appreciation for the systems and structures that influence DRA and are influenced by DRA 

In this module: 

  • Discover the central mechanism for core stability
  • Understand the specific muscles involved in core stability (which might be different from what you initially thought)
  • Learn how the shape of the core can influence its function
  • 1 lesson, 30 minutes

Module 2: Core Pressure 

Understanding how intra-abdominal pressure is created allows us to navigate the various factors that increase or decrease pressure for the conservative management of DRA, prolapse, incontinence.

In this module:

  • Learn the relative contributions of each of the “inner core” muscles to IAP production
  • Discover an overlooked, yet critical factor in intra-abdominal pressure management, and how this factor directly impacts the function of the core
  • Develop an appreciation for the continuum of pressure that is constantly present within us. Learn which activities and positions produce the most pressure, which produce the least, and what the research says about some of the activities in between
  • 3 lessons, 135 minutes total

Module 3: The Transversus Abdominis Explained

With a better understanding of the TA, you can enhance the effectiveness of your exercise programs designed to target this muscle.

In this module:

  • Discover 8 primary functions of the TA
  • Learn how to strengthen the TA and which cues have been shown in research to be effective in targeting the TA
  • Discover the importance of the TA’s “the posterior slide” and how it can influence the position of the rectus abdominis and linea alba
  • Discover a new theory to explain how the gap closes
  • Learn how to use “doming” as a form of feedback to empower your clients, reduce fear, and make then feel less “broken”
  • 7 lessons, 264 minutes total

Module 4: Core Synergies

In learning how all the abdominal muscles work in harmony with each other, you can maximize your clients' core rebuilding results by improving the strength and function of all the core muscles.

In this module: 

  • Discover 11 core synergies pulled from research and how these synergies can be used to increase your clients' core strength
  • Learn what the research says about doing isolated pelvic floor and transversus abdominis exercises
  • Learn which core muscles might behave differently in your clients with DRA, incontinence and low back pain, and how effective our exercise programs are in changing this
  • 2 lessons, 61 minutes total

Module 5: Diastasis Renamed and Reframed

By overhauling our understanding of DRA, we are able to advance our clients much faster through their DRA journey while simultaneously eliminating fear, improving hopefulness, and boosting their confidence.

In this module: 

  • Unearth at least 14 compelling reasons why a new framework for DRA is warranted

  • Learn a new theoretical framework for managing DRA and the postpartum core so you can holistically help your clients towards their goals

  • Discover how gap size reduces through a comparison of different theories (some of which are unique to this course!)

  • 2 lessons, 71 minutes total

Module 6: Comprehensive Core Evaluation

In going through this step-by-step core assessment, you can more clearly recognize what you're postpartum clients might need more help with so you can maximize results beyond the linea alba.

In this module: 

  • Discover the “4-S” assessment of the core and learn how to use “LUMU” to assess the linea alba

  • Moving beyond the linea alba, learn how to thoroughly assess the strength and function of the  transversus abdominis muscle, the rectus abdominis and the obliques

  • Learn to assess how much intra-abdominal pressure your client can handle and how to use this information to design exercise programs that challenge the core

  • 5 lessons, 221 minutes total

Module 7: Core Rebuilding

By the end of this module, you will have a clear framework of exercises to use with your clients with DRA that bridges the gap from the most simple connection-style exercises to the most advanced forms of core strengthening!

In this module: 

  • Learn how to lead your clients with DRA through the core strengthening process through a progression of load and challenge

  • Since engaging the trasnsversus abdominis muscle isn't enough to strengthen it, learn exactly how to strengthen this puzzling muscle 

  • Discover a new, helpful checklist to help you determine if/when your client is ready for more

  • 14 lessons, 384 minutes

Module 8: Exercise Modifications and Considerations

By developing an understanding of how to modify exercises in the presence of common post-natal conditions such as prolapse, hernia, overactive pelvic floors, you can comprehensively help your clients manage multiple conditions while simultaneously building up their cores.

In this module: 

  • Learn how to modify your exercises for clients with prolapse and umbilical hernia

  • Learn tips for strengthening the abdominal wall in clients with overactive pelvic floors

  • Learn when surgery is an appropriate recommendation as we go over a thorough list of considerations to discuss with your clients

  • 2 lessons, 71 minutes
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3. Then, you will be  taken inside the learning portal. Select the course and begin learning all about diastasis and the postpartum core!

Get answers to your most pressing questions: 


  • What kinds of exercises can you do with your client after the core is synergized?
  • How do you strengthen the transversus abdominis muscle once your client knows how to engage it?
  • How do we strengthen the rectus abdominis muscle in someone who has DRA?
  • How do you help your high-level and athletic clients if they have significant doming during their exercises?
  • Why do many women with DRA who lose their baby weight still have a “pooch”?
  • What is the next step AFTER someone is able to create tension in the linea alba (if you don’t know what tension means, don’t worry! You’ll learn all about this concept in the course!)
  • Why is it that some clients produce great tension in their linea alba when they engage but their abdomen distends outwards when they relax?
  • Why do some women have a wide linea alba in standing but it reduces to one finger during a curl-up task?
  • How does the gap close?

"This course is more than an information source. It’s about creating change." 

Munira Hudani, PT


Ever since DRA became more well-known in the pre- and post-natal space, there has been an explosion of information that is readily available online. An unintentional consequence of some of this information of has been the creation of fear, anxiety and distress around strengthening the core.

Being diagnosed with DRA isn’t a contraindication to exercise, but moms around the world with DRA have become terrified of moving their bodies.

Even though many professionals want to change the narrative around DRA, they don’t know how to go about it.  They know there are ways to empower women with diastasis but are unsure of how to dispell the myths with science. They know that strengthening the core is vital for many with DRA, but are unclear of which exercises might be best to use in the process. They understand that women with DRA need to progress but are confused over when and how to scale them up.

This course pools together both the latest research on DRA and years of clinical experience in helping women with the condition to equip you with the knowledge and resources you need to thoroughly understand the postpartum core.

It also arms you with a unique framework of exercises that takes the guess work out of the core rebuilding process for those with DRA.

This course will not only empower you to confidently lead your clients through the core rebuilding journey, but will empower your clients towards feeling hopeful, encouraged and motivated again.



Meet Your Course Instructor


Munira is a highly sought after physiotherapist in the field of diastasis rehab and is emerging as a leader for the management of Diastasis Rectus Abdominis. 

After years of frustration in landing inconsistent results with her clients, and the dissatisfaction in having to say “we just don’t have enough research right now,” Munira began to challenge the conventional method to managing DRA. She realized that part of the inconsistent results came down to how DRA was being conceptualized.

With several tweaks to her approach, she started practicing with a different set of principles and this translated into improved client outcomes. She has now compiled all of her knowledge and experience into a new framework that revolutionizes how we conceptualize, assess and manage DRA.

Munira is known for being able to take complicated concepts and breaking them down into easy-to-understand components. She is genuinely passionate about sharing credible knowledge to empower health and fitness professionals who work with individuals with DRA.

Mission for the Course:  Munira's mission is to empower professionals with DRA-specific knowledge and skills so we can collectively work together in removing the fear attached to having DRA. We will soon be a team of global professionals with a common drive to remove the roadblocks associated with rebuilding the core after pregnancy. 

More Course Reviews...

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By signing up for the course, you'll also get these additional course bonuses...

Bonus 1: Crunches - Helpful or Harmful?

Struggling to understand if crunch-style exercises are beneficial to do? They seem to be at the top of every DRA-unsafe exercise lists. Maybe you want to start adding rectus abdominis strengthening exercises to your programs but are worried that they will do more harm than good.   

In this bonus module: 

  • Discover what the research says about crunch-style exercises 
  • Learn how crunch exercises fare against other core exercises in terms of intra-abdominal pressure
  • Learn if crunch exercises are effective in activating and strengthening the rectus abdominis 
  • 1 lesson, 35 minutes

Bonus 2: Course Cheat Sheets and Summary Sheets

  • Review important concepts from lessons without having to watch the entire lesson again
  • Retain the essential elements from the lesson through condensed and concise handouts
  • Enjoy easy access to the take-home messages for each module

Bonus 3: Done-For-You Assessment Form

  • Save time with this pre-made assessment form that is ready to be filled out
  • With this form, you'll be able to comprehensively assess your client's core without missing any vital pieces of information
  • Having this form helps you keep all of your assessment findings in one place

Bonus 4: Course Roadmap PDF

  • See the big picture of all course modules, lessons and supplementary handouts in one place
  • Stay organized as you make your way through the course material
  • Easily track your progress by checking off each lesson you’ve completed on your way to the finish line

Bonus 5: Ready-to-Use Exercise Handouts

  • Save yourself the time and hassle in creating exercise handouts from scratch
  • Ready-made PDF’s that your clients can refer back to for reminders and clarification
  • Print or email them out to clients for increased consistency in their exercise program

Bonus 6: Free Diastasis-Specific Graphics Package

  • Pre-designed, downloadable, diastasis-related images
  • Ready-to-use images for your workshops, webinars, social media posts and client sessions
  • Easily explain concepts like tension, doming, core activation and more through visual diagrams for better client experience and understanding
What happens after I register? 
1. As soon as you enter in your payment details, click "Complete My Purchase". You will be prompted to create an account that gives you access to the online learning portal
2. After creating your account, a Thank You Page will appear. Click on "TAKE ME TO COURSE" 
3. Then, you will be  taken inside the learning portal. Select the course and begin learning all about diastasis and the postpartum core!

This course is for you if...

You want to help more people with DRA and you want to grow your practice in this area

You want to know how to better help more severe cases who have been passed along from one professional to another and have been told surgery is the only option


You want answers to your questions on DRA that you can’t seem to find elsewhere

Have a look inside the course!

Whether you’ve just started seeing postpartum clients and want to learn more about diastasis, or you have years of experience and training behind you, this course provides you with crucial information on the current and future direction of diastasis management. 


To Sum Up, Here's Everything That's Included in Your Course

This revolutionary course on Diastasis Rectus Abdominis and The Postpartum Core promises to provide you with depth of knowledge so you can truly feel like a DRA Leader and make massive impact in your communities. 

What happens after I register? 
1. As soon as you enter in your payment details, click "Complete My Purchase". You will be prompted to create an account that gives you access to the online learning portal
2. After creating your account, a Thank You Page will appear. Click on "TAKE ME TO COURSE" 
3. Then, you will be  taken inside the learning portal. Select the course and begin learning all about diastasis and the postpartum core!